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Ben just moved to a new town. He doesn’t know anybody. His parents are busy working all the time. He has no siblings or pets. Lamest. Summer. Ever.

Ben’s folks decide to get him the best robot on the market to keep him company: the Lifelike User Companion. LUC knows something about everything, is super strong and fast, and has a ton of great gadgets. Together, the two go on adventures so grand, they seem magical.

LUC soon decides what Ben really needs are his parents – not a robot replacement. Designed to act in the boy's best interest, LUC hatches a plan to bring Ben’s family together again. But, will Ben survive LUC’s well-programmed intentions?

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We Are Dangerous: 
The Real Game

C.M. Greathouse contributes her talents to the League of Utah Writers 2023 anthology. This collection of stories and poems dares to explore dangers real and fantastical. Perhaps through their enjoyment, we will all dare to imagine a world made better through art.

In Greathouse's story The Real Game, God is struggling with memory lapses, roommates and bathrobe functionality. Franklin knows the kids are to blame.

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This is the Place-iest

That’s what that one guy said about Utah. (Maybe not Place-iest. But close enough.)

This website is not about Mormons, snow or fry sauce – at least, not directly. They may show up. This is about Utah’s places of distinction. Tallest mountain peak? Deepest cavern? Of course. But how about the oldest continuously running saloon, the first Jedi priest’s gravestone or North America’s only ski tunnel? And let’s not forget the classic World’s Largests – there are plenty of enormousnesses in the Beehive State.

This is the Place… where even lifelong residents might be surprised what they learn about Utah’s place-iest places.

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Imp in a Bottle

When Miriam's holiday gift turns out to be a foul-mouthed creature of chaos, her orderly life is turned upside down. But is that really a bad thing? Find out in this edition of Cinnabar Moth Literary Collections. 

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Video Game Guy

The kid in this award-winning poem probably wouldn't have read poetry. Maybe he should've.

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