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Full of words, magic and coffee.


Sometimes it takes a new point-of-view to bring a family together again - even if that viewpoint isn't human.

The Real Game

Why can't God remember who he is? And why does everyone call him Al? Find out in Greathouse's short story in the We Are Dangerous anthology.

This is the Place-iest

Utah has some cool, weird places. But don't take this little blurb's word for it. That's what the blog is for.


C.M. Greathouse is an author, poet, communications specialist, copywriter, bookworm and overall word nerd. She’s written books, stories, articles, columns, poems, product descriptions, grocery lists, notes to teachers – you get the idea. She specializes in middle grade, young adult and travel pieces. She would probably write even more, if she didn’t also love to read so much.

When she's not writing or reading, C.M. Greathouse enjoys traveling, hiking, paddleboarding, scary movies, the ocean, live music, creative people, nerd stuff and learning.


"Greathouse has a way of writing a story that grabs and holds you."

Some guy that really liked LUC

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