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C.M. Greathouse is an author, poet, communications specialist, copywriter, bookworm and overall word nerd. She’s written books, stories, articles, columns, poems, product descriptions, grocery lists, notes to teachers – you get the idea. She would probably write even more, if she didn’t also love to read so much. 

C.M. Greathouse’s latest published works include the middle-grade book LUC and several short stories, including The Real Game and Imp in a Bottle. She also won first place with her short story Better in the spooky category for the League of Utah Writers’ 2023 fall contest. She completed the 2022 NaNoWriMo challenge (but firmly believes no one should ever read what came of it).


In her not-so-spare time, she writes the This is the Place-iest blog – a labor of love about places in Utah that are the most-est. She's also eyeballs-deep in a new young adult fantasy novel (more info to come) and several short stories. Check back often for updates to these projects and more.

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