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Current Works

Book cover shows title L.U.C. with fluffy clouds in background and friendly robot peeking over bottom edge.


Sometimes it takes a new point-of-view to bring a family together again - even if that viewpoint isn't human.

The Real Game

Why can't God remember who he is? And why does everyone call him Al? Find out in this short story in the We Are Dangerous anthology.

Book cover shows stylized picture and the title We Are Dangerous.
This is the Place-iest

Utah has some cool, weird places. But don't take this little blurb's word for it. That's what the blog is for.

Imp in a Bottle

Miriam's life is neat and organized. In this short story, the obscene little imp on her windowsill will change all that, whether she wants it or not.

E-zine cover shows title Cinnabar Moth Literary Collections with stylized picture of supernatural creature.
Basic picture shows reddish sword and no words.
Bloodthirsty Sword

Karina has enough trouble dealing with her own feelings and trauma. The super chipper murder sword isn't making it any easier.

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